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Shkodra Demo
Self-Guided Audio Tour

05 Audios

04 Stops

09 min

0.27 km

Opt: Bike

- Tips on the best local restaurants

- Please bring earphones with you

- Entry tickets not included

Highlights of Pomegranate Shkodra. Self-Guided Audio Tour. Please check below: 1) XS - Size Seed Pod (Walk) 2) M - Size Seed Pod ( After Isa Boletini Stop -> Bike/ Car is suggested. ) 3) XL - Size Seed Pod ( After Isa Boletin Stop -> Car is Suggested. ) 4) Rozafa Castle Seed Pod (Walk) - All Locations are available in Google Maps, Google 360 or Google Photos. You ca also virtually visit all the stops.

- Internet Required around 120 Mb

Method: Walking


Distance: 5.9 km

42 Audios

Duration: 103 min

25 Stops

shokder map free_edited.jpg

Highlights of Pomegranate Shkodra Self-Guided Audio Tour. Please check below: 1) Neighborhood Parruca ... City Hall, Mosque of Parruca, Library, University, Monuments etc. 2) Shkodra Promenade ... Busts, Piazza Square ect. 3) Bazaar "Zdrale" Neighborhood ... Museum, ect. 4) Freedom Square ... Theater, "Inglizi" Tower, Mosque, Church ect. 5) Promenade (continue) ... "Marubi" Museum, Franciscan Church, Orthodox Church ect. 6) Gjuhadol Neighborhood ... Great Church, Monument, Museum ect. 7) Road to "Isa Boletini" Square ... Site of Witness & Memory, Markagjoni Tower, Busts etc.

Self-Guided Audio Tours of  Pomegranate Shkodra

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