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Berat Demo
Self-Guided Audio Tour

05 Audios

04 Stops

20 min

0.80 km

Opt: Walk

- Tips on the best local restaurants

- Please bring earphones with you

- Entry tickets not included

- Internet needed around 120 Mb

Highlights of Pomegranate Berat Self-Guided Audio Tour. Please check below: 1) Berat Mangalem District 2) Gorica Districts 3) Castle District 4) Berat 3 Old Districts (Mangalem, Gorica, Castle) 5) Berat Full Package - Soon -

Method: Walking


Distance: 4.55 km

30 Audios

Duration: 110 min

24 Stops


Highlights of Pomegranate Berati, Self-Guided Audio Tour. Please check below: 1) Near Teodor Muzaka Square. ...City Hall, "St. Dimitrios" Church , Lead Mosque, Monument, , Library, etc 2) Republika Boulevard ... Bachelor Mosque, Hanging Bridge, Statue, etc 3) Mangalem Neigborhood - Hiking Part: ..."St. Michael Church" (Optional to visit), House of Grannie (Optional to visit), House with Balkony (Optional to visit). 4) Lower part of Mangalem Neighborhood: Congress of Berat Building, Vrioni Palace, Vrioni Vila, etc 5) Mihal Komnera Road ... King's Mosque, Helveti Tekke, Ilias Vrioni Statue, Solomon Museum, Ethnographic Museum, etc.

Self-Guided Audio Tours of  Pomegranate Berat

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